Elite Guards Links for Elite Slayers


Members who had shown co-operation and dedication in slaying official monsters and monsters posted by WWL will be invited here.But make sure you are tagged with WOC or [W۞C] !

After joining, you can change your tag to ≈W۞C♦€S≈ indicating that you are a member of our Elite Slayers group.
Please report your newly tagged name in tagged members form in Membership page.

This is the Elite Guards links for our Elite Slayers. Just click on the names to join their Elite Guards. These Elite Members will expire after 24 hours so make sure to come in daily to fill them up. Just click on the names to join their Elite Guards.

The Elite Guards for this group admins and officers are included in Elite Guards page for admins & officers.

Elite Guards for current group members :
1. Michael J. Archer
2. Elaine Bosch
3. Lisa Benedict
4. Chris Wolfie Bowskill
5. Trisha Lynn Goodwin
6. Michael P.Henle
7. Doug Hartley
8. Sally MacMuckamack
9. Jim Petropoulos
10.Kris Kendrick
11.Jessie Teh
12.Teresea Saunders
13.Carrie Bergeron
14.Sal Cornejo
15.Aleksandar Rankovic
16.Dave McDonald
17.Carol Rogers
18.Brigitte Lee
19.Vikki Ouye
20.Kathy Borchardt Regelski
21.Andrea Wilson
22.Colleen Ruelle Gangle
23.Ray Haney
24.Zen Hudson Hitsugaya
25.Michelle Kwong
26.Cynthia Vandewall
27.Chad Amaral
28.Ursula Reeber
29.Tommi Helkiö
30.Donna Knesek
31.Barj Wowow
32.Dennis Tamashiro
33.Nathaniel Miller
34.Nancy Roy

NOTE : This list will be edited based on our current Elite Slayers members.