Elite Guards Links for W۞C Admins & Officers


Elite Guards are your army members that you bring to battles and during quests for added bonus and damage. They will increase your effectiveness during battles and quests. Grow your Elite Guard to increase your prowess in battle and quests! Each Elite Member will expire after 24 hours so you need to fill them up daily.

This is the Elite Guards links to our admins and officers. Fill them daily here.

Maya Elandra
David Vince
Rudi van Hal
Waseem Khurshid Butt
Georgia Weston
Donna Crane
Renee Harris Archer
Brian Deese
Parag Pandit
Nathan Rathjen
Elizabeth Leach
Mimie Bilodeau
Steve Pohl
Lucius Agrippa
Raymund Munix Cabase
Donna Boyd Miles
Khetkan Dumrongthai
Fernando d'Oliveira
William J A Young
Lena Astra Hollister
James Benson
Franklyn Wright
Mark A Mandrona
Cynthia Ann Arnold
Faith Redeemer